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2008-2009 Altima CVT to Manual Transmission Swap - Knowledge Thread

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 12:04 AM

2008-2009 Altima 3.5 CVT to Manual Transmission Swap - Knowledge Thread

I decided to create a thread to hold information on what's needed for the process of swapping from CVT to Manual Transmission. Here is the parts list, prices and information that I've gathered so far. Keep in mind that I'm fairly much a novice when it comes to detailed mechanics of cars so if anyone wants to chime in, we can all contribute to help make this as concise a list as possible.

Progress Updates


More than 2 years later and my car is kind of a garage queen. Doing well overall, just haven't had time to mess with it lately. I had a question put to my attention on a few part numbers needed for the swap.  Here are the links to some which include the harnesses, switches and what not...




Another updates for shits and giggles. Got larger injectors, fuel pump, widened the exhaust to 3" inch all the way (no cats) and larger/better intercooler and made some good gains. 353whp/341wtq (348 adjusted) on a Mustang Dyno which is about 390whp on a DynoJet and nearly 435 crank hp! Check out the video below...


Sorry for no update in awhile, had to fix a burnt oil line on the car so it was in the shop for 3 weeks waiting on a part.  Then the site here experienced some issues in posting over the past few weeks but now we're back to normal.  We did a dyno tune w/UpRev today but only put down 280whp which sucks. That's actually 15 whp less than the highest naturally aspirated Altima with bolt on's for my year range although I was on a Mustang dyno so you have to add 10% to those numbers which brings the total to 308whp.
Still, it's bad and we think it's due to my restrictive exhaust setup. In the meantime, here's two dyno videos;

Car completed, out of the shop. Will have more updates after the first of the year when I get things tuned.

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late but so much has been happening. First, we determined that the aftermarket SPEC flywheel did not fit after some back and forth with SPEC. While I was upset that they sold me a flywheel that didn't work for my year range of Altima, I do commend them for giving me a full refund of my money. I will still consider them in the future should they release parts for my car. So after this, we replaced the flywheel with a stock 2008 altima 3.5 flywheel. This combined with the new dash harness have the car running quite smoothly.

That's the good news, the bad is that I went down to pick my car up to take home on 11/24 but when I arrived it was determined that the Master Cylinder that was put on by the prior shop was done so incorrectly. They actually cut portions of it to fit it through the firewall. Luckily The Transmission Shop went ahead and purchased a new master cylinder for me which is now in after a long shipping process. The dumbasses at Nissan sent the 96-01 altima master cylinder so that had to be returned and another 4 day wait for the correct one! Now it is finally in the hands of PRT so it should be put on within the next 2 days. So if I'm lucky, I can take it for a test drive this weekend!

Aside from that there is one more lingering issue in that my heat wrapping on the turbo piping in the engine bay completely fell off so I had to order new high end heat wrapping to put on and due to it being out of stock and backordered, it won't arrive until next week. Let's hope it's the early part of next week! :)

So it FINALLY happened! The car STARTED! But only after we removed the crank sensor to do so... Once started there was a weird noising coming from the transmission and it sounds like the aftermarket 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SPEC flywheel might be bad. The shop has to remove the transmission to inspect and possibly replace with a stock one. More to come soon.

So we swapped out the Main Wiring Harness (Dash Harness) mentioned below and SUCCESS! Well, at least in the sense that now the power maintains itself and doesn't cut off, we can read RPM, etc... The bad news is the car still won't start but we think it's something a bit more simple. We can't hear the fuel pump so we're thinking that since the car hasn't been started in like a year that the pump has seized up and we'll probably need to drain the gas out. Hopefully it's this simple. More updates to come soon!

MT ABS Unit and the new Dash Cluster (Speedometer) are installed and those errors seem to be gone. However the car still won't start.

We have isolated it down to the Main Wiring Harness (or Dash Harness) which is actually separate from the Engine (EGI) Harness and Engine Room Harness (which holds the fuse box within the engine bay and snakes in and connects to the dash harness). I will post pics of it soon but it should be around $400-$500 from Nissan since I can't find it at any salvage yard. It turns out there were several sensors on this harness that are for Auto/CVT only that are confusing the MT ECM into thinking there's certain AT components present such as the TCM. The BCM was also being confused by this. We diagnosed this with Consult 3 and saw what it was doing in cutting the power whenever we tried to start which means something isn't grounded right which lead to the dash harness conclusion. This is literally the last component that should be needed and it really sucks this was missed along the way.

I hope to have this ordered soon and on the car within the next 1-2 weeks.

So I figured it was time for a big update since I've neglected doing so for awhile. The main reasoning is because I've been in waiting mode for the past 2-3 months. My car has been at PRT Performance for 6 months now although this is no fault of PRT but more so that the mobile tech that I had come out has been essentially "too busy" to get to me. I've gotten everything from a "my kid broke his arm" to "on vacation" to "the tech hurt himself on the job" excuses for the past 2-3 months from them. Has some work been done? Yes, they were able to reprogram the BCM so that it would work for my keys and also the cluster is now reading that it's a manual. However I have recently learned a few things due to the great help of a Nissan tech named Jay.

I recently ordered the Nissan Consult 3 device and software from ebay for around $300-$400. Yes, I got a deal as most places have it selling for around $500-$800. Well Jay informed me that this tool would be able to both reconfigure my BCM and diagnose any issues that I'm having. One thing the mobile tech had informed me was that the BCM (Body Control Module) was still looking for the TCM (transmission control module) and as long as that was happening that the car would never start.

So once I received the Consult 3, I began to play and went about this process:

The diagram that shows the configuration list, at least in my BCM was set to MT w/ABS. So it looked like everything was ok.

As of today, I had the Nissan tech that's been helping me login to my laptop via Team Viewer and look around in Consult 3 and he informed me that there were communication issues with both the ABS Control Unit and the Meter Assembly (instrument cluster, speedo, etc). The ABS Control Unit was simply having communication issues and it looks like a new one is needed although we're unsure if it's what is causing the car not to start. We even tried to disconnect it thinking the car would go into limp mode when it started but no luck. The more likely the reason for the car not starting could be the Meter Assembly as Consult 3 had shown that it had all Automatic CVT settings in place.

So to sum it up, a new Meter Assembly is required and while I'm at it I'm going to replace the ABS Control Unit as well. Here are the links for both;

Meter Assembly
ABS Control Unit (Activator Assembly)

Since the ABS unit is so expensive I found quite a few used/salvage ones through the site http://car-part.com/ which lists all salvage yards in the country and found one for $100ish.

I will say there's still the possibility that something else could be preventing the car from starting even after replacing the above units as PRT is thinking but we'll see.

So, today marks the 7 month mark in which I first took my car in. I will say that the car is anywhere from 95% - 99% complete. We're just having problems getting it started and it's a wiring issue. More updates to come later.

PRT was able to fab up the MT specific turbo piping for my car. It looks great!


Well, had to remove this video, lulz, updates to come later.

No huge update other than the current engine harness is being removed. It's been a long delay due to the shop I took my car to being really backed up. More updates to come soon.

The past 48 hours have been quite intense! I received a call from The Transmission Shop at 7:45am yesterday morning and they informed me that Bankston Nissan of Lewisville called them. They said the "big wig" of the dealership called to inform them that they had two Nissan engineers come through doing their regular rounds and had a talk with him and they decided that they want NOTHING to do with my car! They said this was due to liabality reasons. I just wish Bankston Nissan of Lewisville hadn't kept my car for nearly 2 weeks while doing practically nothing THEN they inform me of this! Such an epic waste of time. They'll get theirs, ugh... From there, The Transmission Shop called around to other dealers and none wanted to take the car in so we were facing quite the challenge...

In comes PRT Performance and Steven Kan. Steve has quite the reputation from what I've read being that he ran Gotham Racing before and this is his new outfit right here in Lewisville! They are an UpRev dealer/tuner plus they have their own mandrel bender and a dyno so they'll be able to take care of everything plus the flashing and enhanced tuning job I was going to do down the line!!!! As of today I ordered the new MT specific ECM and Engine Harness ($874 total) which will arrive on Tuesday. They've quoted 8 hours of work for the engine harness and they'll let me know a final quote in the next few days. The great thing is these guys are open late so it really works out! As for The Transmission Shop. I went ahead and paid them off with the total coming out to $3,634 which $3,500 was for a discounted labor rate. They said they'd still help with testing the car out when it's done if I need.

So right now I don't want to give any end dates but a wide range is 1-3 weeks time to get things finished.

So I feel like my head is on a swivel here. One moment I think we can reflash it, the next we can't. To sort things out we've gotten a hold of Ernest from Key Nissan in South Carolina who had done the 2nd ever mt swap. He was a great help in letting us know that we do need a new ECM and an engine harness as well for there are different connectors/sensors on them for MT specific vehicles. He also mentioned that the Nissan tech here will be able to use my VIN and that he will need to go into the ECM and reprogram it line by line with all my cars features. It's a little bit of work but it is all doable. My only problem now is that the local Nissan dealer is being EXTREMELY slow. For example the manager will say the tech working on my car will call back but never does. So this is getting to be a bit frustrating. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

The journey continues...

Well the past few days have been quite interesting. We were finally able to get the car over to Nissan Friday morning after doing some testing to make sure everything was good to go. Initially Nissan was trying to give us the run around by saying that the car had to be "running" in order to reflash the computer. We were obviously talking to a tech that was either trying to sell us something or just didn't know what he was talking about. We finally got a hold of a guy who said he'll go ahead and try the reflash after we take it in. So I then pay a $40 tow fee to take it to the dealer. Once there the tech attempts the reflash but is unsuccessful and tells us that we need a brand new MT ECM ($570ish) instead of only paying $129 for the simple reflash. We're a bit perplexed by this for the ECM is the same across all Altima models.

We then get a call from the Service Director and he states that YES, they are THE SAME indeed! He then goes on to explain that the reason the reflash is unsuccessful is that whenever they get the ROM from Nissan they have to grab it from their Nissan corporate system that downloads to their flasher utility. In order to get said ROM they must input a VIN and that VIN must be for a manual transmission equiped car. Not my car which has a CVT related VIN. WOW! So the transmission shop and I decided to find a few VIN's online and also grab the VIN off the 2007 Altima Sedan that we purchased the used transmission off so hopefully that will work. This all transpired later Friday and the Service Director (Mike) never got back with us and I'm unsure if he was in today (Saturday) so hopefully this will be resolved Monday.

Sorry for the lack of updates as of late. The starter issue had to be resolved by purchasing a new starter from Carquest ($132w/tax) as opposed to getting a new one through Nissan ($276). The problem was the solenoid but none were available so I figured I might as well shell out that smaller amount of cash for it. After that, it appeared to work but the SPEC flywheel wasn't turning and that is due to it actually hitting the engine. The dang thing was too close! We ordered a shim kit and that resolved that issue.

As of today, the car ignites but doesn't fully start due to the engine timing which means the reflash is now in order. The shop called Nissan and they can't reflash the computer by itself so we have to tow the car over so they can hook up to the OBDII port. They're going to do some final checks on sensors today then tow it over so if everything goes smoothly then by this time tomorrow the car should be back from Nissan and ready to go to the muffler shop for its final step of this whole process!

So good news and bad news. Good news is that the shop was able to "hot start" the car and it ran fine and all wiring is good to go. The bad news is they still can't start it normally because the "bendex" that's in the starter won't extend into the flywheel to engage and keep the motor running. I'm a bit unsure of the technical details on this since they didn't give a very detailed explanation other than they're going to research the issue some more and get back with me. The starters are same for the MT and CVT so that shouldn't be the issue here from what I'm told. They also said it doesn't look like ordering any random part is needed either but we'll see. Other news is that they are going to go ahead and take the ECM over to Nissan to have it reflashed tomorrow.

Not a huge update this week other than the shop was slammed busy so they weren't able to get to my car that much however they did isolate the issue of the car starting down to 2 things. 1) The crackshaft sensor might be wired in some incorrect way or 2) The timing is thrown off by that or just that the CVT programmed ECM is throwing the timing off so the solution would be to yank the ECM, take it to Nissan for reflash and re insert. And I forgot to mention that all electrical, display and dash does come on and the car actually turns over and runs before dying due to the aforementioned timing issue. They said they'll figure this out by the first of the week. I think this is the last stumbling block and once past it we can get to the finish line within a matter of days.

So the new axles arrived yesterday but they weren't able to get them on until today. You can see below in the photo the minor difference between the MT axles (bottom) and CVT (top). The difference is only around and inch to an inch and a half. The problem with using the CVT ones would have been in leaking and also one was a much tighter fit than the other so if I had take a corner hard it might have snapped. Needless to say Nissan lost a lot of money in the way they positioned the different transmissions.


Past that and since they have them on and everything in, they wanted to start up the car to do some test driving. Well, they're stuck at the start up for they think they might have crossed a wire somewhere for we can hear the starter solenoid going off but it's not getting the ignition. Hopefully this will be resolved on Monday.

Sorry for the lack of updates. The holidays have been busy for me. So we hit a big snag with the axles in that Nissan wanted $1,068 for both!!!! We went and searched around a bit for axles. At first O'Rielly Auto Parts and NAPPA appeared that they might have them but none of their suppliers had the cores to rebuild them from. The trans shop and I went on a pretty in-depth search most of the week online and off looking for them. No junk yard has them and Ebay has nothing but axles for 2.5's and a few 3.5's but they are ALL for the CVT! So I was left with the decision to pay the $1k for them from Nissan. This burns a lot but I had no other choice. :\

They should be in on Tuesday and installed then. The muffler shop has the mandrel bends in for the exhaust fab and are ready to begin. I'm hoping to have everything done by next Friday, Jan 6.

It looks like we'll get 2 new axles since the axle rod connector will work. The car will be towed to the muffler shop the beginning of next week to get the piping taken care of so completion looks to be the end of next week due to the shop being closed on Monday.

So everything is back in but there is bad news on 2 fronts. First being that it looks like I might need a new transmission axle due to the current one appearing to be about 1 - 1 1/2 inches too short. This could potentially cause leaking. Luckily axles can be purchased for cheap at the local parts store so I don't expect a huge delay there.

The second issue and larger problem is the exhaust setup which appears to be quite the custom job. The shop told me that they'd have their mockup of the exhaust sent over to the muffler shop by the end of today but it could take up to a few days to get it right depending on if the piping isn't done correctly the first time out. Keep in mind that we're having to send them a mockup of what we need since they don't have my car. I had even contacted SFR to inquire on their mt specific exhaust and they said the price has gone up from $500 to $800+shipping due to California's crap economy. On top of that they say it wouldn't be ready for over 2 weeks due to the holidays.

Another bit of info came in from Spec Clutch today. Andrew at the shop had talked with them on the phone yesterday for awhile and they informed him about their experience in doing a similar swap (Infiniti FX auto->mt swap) that most likely the car won't start up with the CVT programmed ECM and that we'd probably have to pull it out and then take it to Nissan to have them reflash it. Granted this shouldn't take a whole lot of time but is annoying nonetheless.

So all in all it appears as if I'll be lucky to get my car by Friday. :|

So the SPEC flywheel came in yesterday. Man, this is one hell of a flywheel. Very good workmanship went into this! One annoying thing though is that the Nissan OEM flywheel came in as well so we had to send it back. Had no idea it would get here that quickly. So now they're specing everything to see how it will all fit. The exhaust is our last issue and I snapped a photo below showing the lines that could potentially melt if we don't get the exhaust piping correct and also add a lot of heat wrap...


So we should be able to get that resolved on Monday and then everything put back in on Tuesday.

So I cancelled the Nissan OEM flywheel order and went with the www.speclutch.com flywheel (pictured below). It's more money but it means I could overnight it so the shop will have it tomorrow morning. I also got a nice discount for being a NICO member which is badass! The other plus is that it weighs half of what the oem one does. Also, back to the exhaust, it looks like they're going to try to get that worked out today. So with luck they'll be able to start up my car tomorrow afternoon to see if everything is working enough to take to Nissan on Monday.


Oh, one last thing, I was able to get a 15% discount on the flywheel due to being a member on nicoclub.com. biggrin.gif

Stupid Nissan sent the 2.5 flywheel instead of the one for the 3.5. They marked the 3.5 part number on the invoice so we were kinda duped. 3-5 days to get this one in so completion looks like it could be anywhere from Monday - Wednesday of next week. Ugh... Also, here's a photo of everything else mounting up and another slight issue that I kind of figured would crop up...


The turbo's exhaust there that extends out into the fork to the right goes directly over the MT trans mounting so we're going to have to cut that off and fab up a new piece that extends beside or around it. This really isn't as bad as it looks for it will only take an hour or two to take it to the exhaust shop and have them do their thing.

Today's update consist of Nissan being gay, lol... The parts that were coming only HALF arrived. We got the bolts for the flywheel and bell housing but the bolts for the clutch, a few brackets and stop lamp switch won't arrive until tomorrow! So that means all of those items are currently sitting at the dealer or on the way still. The good news is that all wiring is complete and the turbo is back in. We just need to get those items to bolt everything back up. Once that is done, they'll do a final check and then drive the car to Nissan to reflash the ECU and re program the key fobs. So a late Thursday afternoon completion is the earliest I'll get it with the possibility of Friday should things go slowly.

Some updates from earlier today: It looks like the cruise sensor actually isn't needed and what was needed is a stop lamp switch along with bolts for the flywheel, pressure plate, bell housing and a number of additional brackets all totaling $93.20. The reason for this is that Nissan doesn't include bolts with new flyswheels, hydrulic lines and other new items, great stuff. I did manage to snap a few new photos earlier showing the progress. It looks like things are being put back together fairly nicely and I was glad to see this. smile.gif



New MT specific trans mount...


This photo shows some neat new holes that had to be cut into the firewall...


The mount is in! So tomorrow the mt trans will be put in. They also have all hydraulic lines in place. But we did hit a small snag in that I was told that the Master Cylinder takes fluid from the brake reservoir which has a hole in the bottom of it for MT equipped Altimas but does not on the CVT. It turns out that you have to order the entire brake assembly along with the plastic reservoir as that's how Nissan sells it. The cost on that is around $200. They say they'll attempt to drill a hole in the bottom and put a fitting in to see if that will work today but if it doesn't then I'll have to order a new one tomorrow morning. YAY for that! I also need a cruise control sensor (ASCB) for it's different for MT Altimas but it's only $30 so no big deal.

Took a trip up to see the progress. It's kinda cool seeing everything torn apart, haha... The new wiring harness looks to be mostly in along with the shifter and its assembly. They had a paper out showing a particular type of hole they have to drill into the firewall for the master cylinder (looks fun, ha). They received the bearings and racing cup so the mt trans is back together with HLSD & STS installed. We're still waiting on that new mount to come in. It should get here tomorrow (Thursday). I was told that they should have everything put back together by Tuesday and then they'd drive the car to Nissan to have the ECM reflashed to the MT trans as well as the key fob reprogrammed. So the middle of next week is looking good. smile.gif

Progress Pics...






Just got a call from the shop. They broke open the transmission and discovered that there was a plug, some bearings and an angular racing cup along with some bolts that will have to be replaced due to breaking it open. Just an extra cost of adding the HLSD. Also, Nissan in their infinite wisdom decided to ship the wrong mounting bracket for the transmission so I'm getting a refund for that and paying for the new one. Total is $176.04 minus $78.12 due to the refund. Friday completion is looking hazy now...... And one last thing. They're taking the ECM off the car tomorrow and running it to Nissan to see if they can reflash it for $100 instead of paying $560 for a brand new ECM.

Quick update, I will need a new harness which runs $275 but we're trying to get the ECU/Harness from the wrecked Altima that the mt trans came off of for cheaper. Also other parts that were ordered were a new brake pedal, safety start switch, neutral switch and a sensor I believe. Total was going to come out to $382 for all of this (direct from Nissan) but it may come down if the shop can find that ecu/harness.

I ordered the MT Transmission today as well as most miscellaneous parts needed for the swap. The only thing not ordered is the ECU and harnesses since we're attempting to figure out if we can use the existing ones and simply re-flash the ECU that's already there. If not, I'll order those in the next day or two. Here's a break down on costs thus far. I also have the receipt listing all part numbers and description that I'll put up later...

MT Transmission (used, 34k miles): $775 (as opposed to $1,800+ new)
Misc Parts (clutch, flywheel, mt transmission "single" mount, hydraulic lines, shifter, center console assembly, casing, etc): $1,623.51
HLSD: $563
Short Throw Shift Kit (from RacingLine): $105

Total Cost: $3,066.51

I also talked with the shop about taking some photos of them going through the install process. If I get them then I'll be sure to post them here. smile.gif

Finally found someone to do the job. The Transmission Shop took my car in today. They seem to be quite reputable and knowledgeable. With luck I'll have everything done inside next month.

Ordered the HLSD today. They told me there were only 2 left in the United States when I made the purchase, it should be here by Wed! biggrin.gif

Received my short throw shift kit and traction rods today. May as well slap those on while doing this.

I've learned over the course of the past several months that the Coupe has around 11 different part numbers for each specific part that is needed. This is primarily based on when the car was manufactured. I was told by a dealership in SC that only "they" could tell me which specific parts I would need once they see my car but I'm having a hard time believing that only they could do the work. It seems as if I should be able to take it to any reputable shop and then they could talk with any local Nissan dealer to get the appropriate parts based off my car's VIN perhaps? We'll see. Also, I've come to learn that some of the parts listed below might not be needed. I was told by the Nissan dealer that the biggest parts aside from the tranny itself would be the engine (ecm) harness and ABS control unit.

Saving for this project begins now.

Main MT Parts:
Manual Transaxle: $1,755.99
Note: Some salvage yards and online salvage places have transmissions with low miles listed anywhere from $600-$1200.
See: http://www.automotix...p;amp;seq_num=3

Shift control cable: $75.54
Clutch & flywheel, Flywheel: $425.17
Aftermarket Clutch/Flywheel: Starting @ $1,199 (I'll probably put this on the back burner for now)

Starter, Manual trans, 3.5 liter: $206.24 (or) Core: $50.00
Engine harness, 3.5 liter, manual trans, W/skid control: $293.81
Powertrain control, Ecm (Altima, 3.5L, Manual Trans): $566.17

Stuff I'm uncertain on...

Hydraulic system, Master cylinder: $89.86
Hydraulic system, Slave cylinder: $89.54
Hydraulic system, Hydraulic lines (Altima, Connector To Connector): $33.54
Hydraulic system, Hydraulic lines (Altima, Connector To Slave Cyl, 3.5L): $30.34
Hydraulic system, Flex hose: $23.66

Front Mount/Insulator:

BUFFER ASSY-ENG - 3.5 liter, Manual trans: $87.98
INSULATOR ASSY- - 3.5 liter, Manual trans: $51.48
BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans: $25.71

INSULATOR ASSY - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Left): $86.58
INSULATOR-ENGIN - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Right): $119.66
BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Left): $54.20
BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Right): $104.22

Rear Mount/Insulator:

BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Left): $40.38
BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Left): $30.34
BRACKET-ENGINE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans (Right): $40.38
INSULATOR-ENGIN - 3.5 liter, Manual trans: $128.56

Torque Rod:

ROD ASSY-TORQUE - 3.5 liter, Manual trans: $51.57


Parking brake, Front cable, MT: $11.40
Parking brake control (Charcoal/Frost ), MT: $40.44

ABS Components***:
Actuator assy, 3.5 liter, manual trans, W/skid control (ACTUATOR ASSY-A): $528.96*
Actuator assy, 3.5 liter, manual trans, W/skid control (ACTUATOR ASSY-): $1,010.93*
***Really unsure of these two items, are they needed?????


List & Pricing pulled from: http://www.partswebs...amp;amp;tpd=yes

Notes: The above site seems to have the cheapest parts online from what I can tell although "Courtesy Parts" which is in DFW has good prices online although tax has to be accounted for due to living in the same state. But if I go to the other site then I'd have to pay shipping. So it's a debate of tax cost vs. shipping cost? hmmmmmm



Below is info on the Sentra LSD which some owners have installed to reduce or eliminate torque steer.

HLSD Info & Install Photos: http://forums.nicocl...pe-t402554.html (Install photos are on 2nd page)
Futher Info: http://forums.nicocl...pe-t402554.html

Part Info: 07+ Sentra SpecV HLSD Part #: 38411-8U000 (Recently purchased this part)
See: http://www.courtesyp...l-p-352043.html

HLSD Explained in Detail (click "show" to view detail):


Info no longer relevant but retaining for records...

there is an alternative to having the transmission opened and swapping the diff. if your transmission goes out before warranty is over, or if you if you can't find a GOOD transmission shop, you can always just order the WHOLE RS6F52H transmisson from the 07+ Sentra SpecV that already has the HLSD in it. It's a direct bolt-on and you just have to put it in place of your original RS6F52A transmission. No opening transmission, less expensive or dangerous than having a shop charge you extra for swapping the diff.
here's the link to it:

The Spec V tranny will not fit our cars. I found a few shops that had brand new Spec V tranny's, but the problem with that is that they will not sale you the HLSD by it self because the tranny becomes useless. You could order the the HLSD alone from a Nissan dealership, but for me there were NONE in the US. I sent Medhi a message to search for one in Canada and he also said there were NONE in Canada. I called a dealership in Canada to verify and they said the same that there were NONE in the country. My friend at the dealership told me he could order one for me under customer emergency, but it could take a few weeks to months. He told me I could oreder a new tranny and get it within a few days so that's what I did. I ordered the whole new tranny from a 2010 Sentra Spec V and received in a 2 days. It cost me like $2,XXX. You might have better luck getting just the HLSD fast now or order it now so you can have it by the time you start the swap.

Also, Short Throw Shift Kit: (Recently purchased this part)

For Turboed CVT's
Must get different exhaust plumbing due to position of MT trans being different than that of CVT, SFR has quoted $500 $800 for this but I wonder if this can be custom fabbed for cheaper?

2008 Nissan Altima Coupe 3.5SE
Mods: BullyDog GT Tuner, Nismo Catback Exhaust, RacingLine Y-Pipe, Stillen Underdrive Pulley, AEM CAI, RacingLine Front/Rear Endlinks + Strut Bar, Stillen Rear Sway Bar + Body Kit and Orange/White Interior LED's.

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